Hot-rolled tubes from carbon steel are made according to European and American standards, which are distinquished into seamless and welded when it comes to the production method. These are used in many industries, e.g. in installations transferring various media in different temperatures, in production of machines’ elements after a mechanical treatment, as well as a round closed profiles for various steel constructions.

Pipes have been classified according to their purpose into the following groups:

Construction – for steel constructions

Wired – from carbon steel for pressure applications

Boiler – for pressure applications in higher temperature


Cold drawn precision tubes for general applications are prepared according the norm EN10305-1 whereas hydraulic ones accorgding to EN10305-4.

Offered hydraulic pipes are normalized (+N) as a standard, while precision can be delivered with an additional refinements after last drawing (in brackets provided designation according to DIN):

  • +N (NBK) – normalizing annealed tubes in a protective atmosphere
  • +C (BK) – tubes without heat treatment after the last drawing
  • +SR (BKS) – tubes stress relieved in a protective atmosphere after the last drawing
  • +A (GBK) – tubes annealed in a protective atmosphere after the last drawing
  • +LC (BKW) – drawn with a small degree of processing after the last heat treatment

All above heat treatments of precision tubes are available just for individual inquiries.

Cold drawn precision and hydraulic tubes in comparison with hot-rolled ones show advantages in:

  • Precision in dimensions – the possibility to achieve any dimension
  • Very good surface quality
  • The guarantee of mechanical and technological properties


In general understanding it is an additional equipment for the installation enabling its proper use. We can offer a wide range when it comes to dimenstions of below elements:

  • Steel elbows 2D, 3D, 5D with bending angle: 30°, 45°, 60°, 90°, 180°
  • Concentric reducer / Eccentric reducer
  • Equal tees / Reducing tees
  • Caps
  • Flanges type 01A & 01B
  • Blind flanges type 05B
  • Neck flanges type 11B
  • Neck-forged flanges type 13
  • Flanges with spigots
  • Muffs
  • Seamless and welded spigots
  • Fasteners: screws, washers, pipe nuts, gaskets 2 & 3 mm.